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Wie kommt es nur, dass ich ein Starblog habe? Ich habe nie etwas an Myblog gezahlt. Komisch, aber mir solls recht sein.
18.8.06 13:09

Meldet euch doch mal hier an!

evanmawe got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com
17.3.05 23:25


Danke an die Leute die sich bei Neopets angemeldet haben.
Wenn ihr dort Fragen habt könnt ihr mir sie ruhig stellen! Ich kenn mich da schon sehr gut aus.
Und vergesst nicht euren Account dort zu aktivieren.
18.8.06 12:26

Langewile part 3

Planet eva

'eva is about as believable as unicorns, fairys and angels. In fact I think unicorns are more believable than eva. I saw one at the bottom of the garden just this morning.' (Mcnabb Dorn)

Religion In eva's World

  • Evaism 42%
    (253,447,370 believers)
  • Casualsity 10%
    (60,344,612 believers)
  • Cellistity 2%
    (12,068,922 believers)
  • Prefacerity 4%
    (24,137,844 believers)
  • Rumpusesism 1%
    (6,034,461 believers)
  • Slopism 7%
    (42,241,228 believers)
  • Snatchyism 19%
    (114,654,762 believers)
  • Waukedist 15%
    (90,516,918 believers)

Population : 603,446,120
World Ends : 25th Jun 2016
Nuclear Capable : Reunion, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, British Indian Ocean Territory, Cyprus
Nuked Countries : Reunion, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, British Indian Ocean Territory

eva's Wrath!!

  • 01st Jan 2009 is a tragic day in Sri Lanka's history as Creator of the known universe eva thought it would be fun to take a grand slash in all of the countries main reservoirs.

  • God is scheduled to have a fight with World Heavyweight Boxing champion Bannister Sparrow on the 11th Oct 2014. The match is being heralded as the biggest fight of all time with most bookmakers backing Bannister Sparrow for an easy win.

  • Thank's to eva's fiery temper, there is no longer a country called Botswana.

The Anti-eva

Few would have guessed that Ariane Correa from Niger was the Anti-eva

The Saviour

Devout believers in eva fervently refused to place their faith in a Saviour God called Loya Kindrick. eva is reported sending a new saviour God soon in the form of a certain Tifany Dabin

This is the End

As many people had previous suspected in the first place, Chris DeBurgh was proven to be the anti-christ after releasing a world-wide hit single which resulted in the suicide of...well everyone.

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18.8.06 12:35

18.8.06 12:34

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